This blog will have my journey progress as well as fitness tips, nutrition tips, recipes and anything else fitness related. This blog is for everyone all shapes and for both men and women. If you have any questions for me or any suggestions as to what you would like to see on this blog, please don't hesitate to message me or submit a question. I have done hours of research, watched hundreds of videos, read many articles and even taken a few online courses. Now I share all of this knowledge with all of you so Enjoy!


I wanted a seperate post for this because I’ve never had any muscle definition in my lower back before in my lift and now they’re staring to show :D

I wanted a seperate post for this because I’ve never had any muscle definition in my lower back before in my lift and now they’re staring to show :D

last balance and power workout for a while :( done this routine for 4 weeks, time to switch it up

Next 3 weeks

Chest and back with balance work involved

some HIIT plyometrics


Shoulders and arms along with core work


Legs and back with more core work

recovery/foam rolling

this next 6 weeks will be incorporating a lot more strength components then these past 4 weeks and should see a lot more results.

3 move combo move of the day :)

Slow-mo stability climber/stability ball burpee/Warrior 3 cross crunch

For the slow-mo climbers
, widen your feet to make it easier. Core engagement is critical to do this move. Do 20 reps.

Stability ball burpees. Lift your right foot off the ground but keep your ankles relatively close. Jump back and do a push up on the ball, jump the foot in and jump up on one foot and then repeat the movement. 6 reps per side

Warrior 3 cross crunch. Any yoga lovers will like this one. Go into the warrior 3 position and slowly raise your body straight up. Bring the knee of the raised leg up to meet your elbow and return to the starting position. Go slow, engage your core, and do 10 reps per leg

Workout numbah two

Shock plyo HIIT for 25 minutes! woot :P

326 calories burned

Crossfit: Tabata something else

Pull ups

push ups

sit ups

body squats

389 calories burned

715 Calories burned altogether :)

Mule kick spider push up

Starting with hands on the floor and feet up by your hands, contract your glutes and use your hips to raise you feet up in the air almost like going into a hand stand. Use your core to lower your body as slow as you can to the traditional push up position. Put the weight into your chest, shoulders and triceps. Do a push up and bring your knee to you elbow then repeat on the other side. Jump feet to hands and repeat the whole movement.

Renegade row with a lolasona

Really tough. If you don’t engage your core there is no way you’re going to complete this exercise. As you can see, I only got a small few before I started struggling. Add a push up if you want to make it harder, but it’s already hard enough as it is. I recommend getting up to 8 clean ones before adding a push up.